PT Aardwolf Pestkare Indonesia

On 16 July 2001 Aardwolf Pestkare opened its doors for business in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Said President-Director Agustinus Kurniawan "We want to build a culture that is people-oriented, a place where everyone will be treated with respect so that he or she will give his or her personal best to serve our Clients."

The company has since set up branches in Bandung and Surabaya, supported by a team of 8 Entomologists.

Today, the company services pharmaceutical and food plants and helps them pass their annual audits with flying colours. Among its Clients are also Food & Beverage Outlets, offices and homes that treasure a pest-free environment.

For assistance regarding your pest problems in Indonesia please contact us:

Address PT Aardwolf Pestkare Indonesia
Citta Graha 2 E
Jl. Panjang 26 Jakarta Barat 11520
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Fax 021-582-0097