Aardwolf Staff

Welcome to Aardwolf Pestkare .

As one of Singapore's leading pest management providers, we are committed to help you solve your pest problems through in-depth know-how, time-tested expertise and advanced technology. This site is dedicated to providing important information about how we can deliver the swiftest, most reliable service.

Aardwolf Pestkare (pronounced as "a:dwolf pest-care") was set up in Singapore on 8 April 1997 at 9A Lock Road. The founders John H H Ho and Patrick S P Chong single-mindedly committed the company to a MISSION:

"Aardwolf Pestkare is dedicated to protect our Clients,
their family, business enterprises and their employees,
through providing the best pest management service
safely and without harming the environment."

To reflect the nature of the business, the company took on the name of the interesting mammal "Aardwolf" (or "earth wolf" in Afrikaans) that feeds on termites and insects in southern and eastern Africa. "Pestkare" is a variant spelling of "pest-care".

We adopt a proactive approach by replacing the traditional Pest Control with Pest Management. This calls for an accurate identification of the pest problem and agreeing with you a sustainable solution.

The company services out of its own factory at 26 Third Lok Yang Road, Singapore and its training facilities are recognised as a Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) by the Institute of Technical Education.

Aardwolf Pestkare also operates successfully in Indonesia in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

In January 2013 Aardwolf Pestkare launched its pest management services in China through a joint venture with VOB Shell & Spatial Structures Industry Ltd, a company that is well known in Shanghai for its quality of work in the building industry.

With this new venture, Aardwolf Pestkare is now committed to achieving this VISION:

"To be your preferred choice for pest management in Singapore, Indonesia and China."

Today Aardwolf Pestkare:

  • Is known for its quality of service and innovative approach in eliminating pests, safely and without harming the environment

  • Looks after some 3,000 Clients in Singapore with an experienced team of 80 highly trained members

  • Is the first in the ASEAN Region to submit to Clients on site, computer-generated reports highlighting the status of pest infestation, housekeeping and sanitation practices that are both crisp and legible

  • Operates in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, Indonesia with 280 dedicated and highly trained members

  • Is the first pest management company in Singapore to be awarded the bizSAFE STAR by the Ministry of Manpower in 2010. In addition, we have installed a Business Continuity Management(BCM) System that will enable us to recover from a declared crisis within three (3) calendar days, so as to minimise any inconvenience to our Clients

  • Has the expertise and resources to ensure that food plants pass their audits for Food Safety with flying colours

  • Honours all its financial obligations with a paid-up capital of $1.5 million

  • Is proud in having one person who has completed at least 10 years service with the company, out of every five on its payroll in Singapore