AARDWOLF PESTKARE promises delight with each pre-paid service. Just let our service controller know within 7 days of its completion, if you are not satisfied with any part of our service. We promise to make it right.

If our re-treatment is still not satisfactory, you tell our service controller the price you consider fair for that part of our service and we will send you the appropriate refund, no questions will be asked.

We will not demean you by offering you a free service. Yes, you only pay for that part of the service that you feel is value for your money.

In addition, AARDWOLF PESTKARE promises punctuality. If our technician turns up more than half an hour late for an appointment made with you, you also have the right to pay what you like for that day's service - again no questions will be asked.

That's our SATISFACTION PROMISE - a promise we keep.



  • “I want to thank and commend you for hiring and assembling such a wonderful team to represent your company, and for providing such competent, respectful and personable service. You do our nation proud, a home-grown company, not only providing an essential service to help us all but also at a world-class standard” – L.T.

  • “We would like to thank you for your excellent and quick service this past two days in relation to our ant and cockroach problem ........ especially it being a weekend. It is very rare to find such fantastic service where the company shows that they genuinely care and go above and beyond any expectations. We will be recommending your company to all our friends here in Singapore.” – N.K.

  • “I am used to having rats coming around my house. The Aardwolf team is very efficient and helpful. So far they have trapped quite a number of these rodents from my place and they never failed.” – L.Y.L.

  • May I take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to your company in assisting one of our elders in his bed bug infested flat. Your men did a great job, full of compassion, and care.” – M.A.

  • “Being a first time victim of subterranean termites and having zero knowledge of their behaviour, I was traumatized by their invasion in my dry kitchen. I was totally impressed with your technician’s dedication and commitment to customer support. Truly your service is value for money.” – M.O.

  • “We wish to dedicate our warm gratitude and appreciation to your technician for his dedication and professionalism in managing our site’s pest management programme.” – W.K.Y.

  • “Although no promises were made regarding 100% clearance on ants, the issue was quickly resolved. We are delighted with Aardwolf’s efficiency and flexibility as well as the on-the-spot verifications and report printing. We will recommend your service to anyone who needs pest management.” – J.H.