Identifying Bed Bugs

The most common bed bug species in Singapore is the Tropical Bed Bug (Cimex hemipterus). It is oval, has a flattened shape, and is reddish-brown. Adults are about 5.5 mm in length and 3 mm in width. Bed bugs are generally considered a nuisance pest causing itch with their bites. A confirmed bed bug infestation is a social embarassment for the occupier of the infected premises.

How do you know you have an infestation?

You will find:

  1. Live adults and nymphs
  2. Bite marks in clusters on your body and limbs
  3. Blood stains on pillows and bedsheets
  4. Black faecal marks on pillows, bedsheets, mattresses, bedframes, or wall skirtings
  5. A strong odour

What can you do to prevent an infestation?

Bed bugs are usually brought in from external sources. If you have family members or guests who have been overseas recently, you can wash their clothes and belongings in hot water to kill any live bed bugs. Secondhand furniture may also bring bed bugs into your home if their previous owner had a bed bug infestation.

How can we help you?

Eliminating bed bugs requires cooperation between our experienced Technicians and you. As Pest Management Professionals, we will conduct a thorough inspection and physically remove any bed bugs or eggs, before conducting chemical spray or steam treatment. Multiple treatments may need to be conducted over a period of 2 weeks, depending on the severity of the infestation.

Adult Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Bites
Heavy Bed Bug Infestation

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