Our Satisfaction Promise

AARDWOLF PESTKARE promises delight with each pre-paid service. Just let our service controller know within 7 days of its completion, if you are not satisfied with any part of our service. We promise to make it right.

If our re-treatment is still not satisfactory, you tell our service controller the price you consider fair for that part of our service and we will send you the appropriate refund, no questions will be asked.

We will not demean you by offering you a free service. Yes, you only pay for that part of the service that you feel is value for your money.

In addition, AARDWOLF PESTKARE promises punctuality. If our technician turns up more than half an hour late for an appointment made with you, you also have the right to pay what you like for that day’s service – again no questions will be asked.

That’s our SATISFACTION PROMISE – a promise we keep.

"Guaranteeing Your Satisfaction Is Our Goal."