Identifying Snakes

The common snake species in Singapore are:

  1. Common Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus)
  2. Common Wolf Snake (Lycodon milicus)
  3. Black Spitting Cobra (Naja naja sputatrix)
  4. Reticulated Python (Python reticulatus)
  5. Tree Snake (Chrysopelea spp.)
  6. Painted Bronze Back Snake (Dendrelaphis pictus)

Their length ranges from 10 cm to 1.5 m and they come in a variety of colours. The Reticulated Pyton can measure upto 5 m in length. What is most important is to distinguish between venomous and non-venomous snakes. The most venomous snake is the Black Spitting Cobra which rises with a hissing sound and spreads a hood behind their head. Snakes are feared because of their bites.

How do you know you have an infestation?

You will find:

  1. Presence of a snake
  2. Moulted, discarded skin

What can you do to prevent an infestation?

You can help reduce the chances of a snake infestation by keeping grass short, removing rocks, logs, and burrows to minimize places of harbourage. Trim tree branches to prevent them from touching the building so that Snakes cannot gain access to the building. Avoid leaving small pets outdoors at night.

How can we help you?

Catching and removing snakes is a dangerous job ideally conducted by our trained Aardwolf Pestkare Technicians with years of snake catching experience.

Cobra Spitting
Man Devoured By Python

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