Why is Cockroach Control So Difficult?

Why is it so difficult to kill cockroaches? It seems they can survive bug sprays, getting squashed by sandals, and a slew of baits. If you have tried everything you could think of but still cannot get rid of cockroaches in your home, join the club! Cockroaches are not only the most hated pests but are […]

7 Simple Ways to Manage a Cockroach Infestation in Singapore

What is one common enemy all homeowners in Singapore face? Cockroaches! Yes, Singaporeans detest these nasty bugs and dream of having a cockroach-free home. If you want the same, you are in luck! Huge populations of cockroaches live in dark untouched corners of your house and only come out when no one is around. Managing a […]

What Cockroach Treatment Should You Use to Prevent Them From Entering Your Premises?

Hate sharing your personal space with cockroaches? Join the club! Roaches can sneak into snug crevices of your home, and you won’t even know. But, unfortunately, these unwelcome guests can do much more than make your skin crawl. Yes, cockroaches can spread a world of diseases. Once your home is raided by an army of fast-multiplying […]

5 Secret Cockroach Hideouts in Your House

If you think that cockroaches are disgusting little creatures, you are definitely not the only person in the world who feels this way. However, one thing that you may not know about cockroaches is that they carry pathogens that can easily transmit a wide range of diseases. Apart from being a health hazard, they can make your […]