7 Signs That Indicate Your House Needs Pest Control

A few ants here and there, random mosquito bites, and occasional cockroach sightings around the house are common scenes in most households. While finding a home completely free of pests is challenging, you need to ensure the pest problem in your home does not get out of hand.

Apart from the general nuisance that insects cause, creepy crawlies are guilty of spreading a whole slew of diseases. What’s more, they can also cause damage to property.

So, what are some concerning signs of pest disturbances that indicate the need for immediate pest control? Let’s find out! If you notice any of the seven signs mentioned below, you should start taking stricter pest control measures.

7 Common Signs That Indicate Your House Needs Pest Control

Finding Droppings of Pests

Even though pests are really good at hiding, they often leave traces of their presence in the form of droppings. Therefore, if you find droppings in your home, consider this an essential indication of a pest infestation.

Some pests that commonly leave droppings are rodents, termites, and cockroaches. Obviously, you can also get an idea about what types of pests are hiding in your home by looking at the droppings.

Rats and mice leave small dark-coloured pellets which have a very strong odour. Termite droppings have a grain-like appearance and pungent smell. The colour of termite droppings can change depending on the pest’s diet. Cockroach droppings are black or brown cylindrical pellets that look like coffee grounds but do not have any distinct odour.

Noticing Unexplained Physical Damage to Property

Pests can be very destructive. If you have pests in your home, you ought to have noticed random signs of destruction around the house. However, pests can remain very discreet for a long time. So if you see any such damage, this indicates that the pest infestation has already been growing for a lengthy period.

If you suspect you have unwelcome pests living with you in your personal space, you should investigate your property thoroughly. Damages caused by one species will differ from another. For example, rodents will gnaw on electrical wires, wood panelling, baseboards, and just about anything. Termites love feeding on wood, so they will end up destroying all your wooden furniture.

Therefore, dealing with pests can be a costly ordeal. To avoid expensive repairs, take remedial measures as soon as possible.

Hearing Unusual Noises

As much as insects love to hide, they are not always as low-profile as they would like to be. If you pay attention, you might notice strange sounds at night. Don’t worry; you are not co-living with a supernatural being. These are noises of pest activities.

When the pest infestation becomes significant, pests like rats, mice, and raccoons can give away audio hints of their presence. This usually happens at night when pests come out in search of food.

The unusual noises are of pests scurrying, squeaking, and scratching. Often, these noises come from ceilings, floorboards, crawl spaces, or attics where the pests like to hide. Do not delay pest control after you notice such unusual activities.

Finding Wings and Exoskeletons

Sometimes, you will get direct proof of pests in the home. For example, winged insects leave behind their wings or exoskeletons when they moult or shed. Termites, crickets, and other winged insects are notorious for dropping wings.

By closely examining the wings and exoskeletons, you may even be able to identify which pests they belong to. For example, termite wings have a prismatic finish that looks similar to fish scales from afar.

Another species that shed exoskeletons multiple times during an infestation are ticks. So if you notice dried exoskeletons in different places inside the home, there is definitely a severe infestation.

Bite Marks Around the House

One of the main reasons pests choose to live in your home is because they have found a good supply of food. When feasting on food and other things around the house, they will, without fail, leave behind some traces in the form of bite marks.

Rodents usually leave bite marks around food sources. Inspect pantries, cardboard boxes, garbage bins, and cabinets for rodent bite marks. This is a strong indication of rodent activities. Some insects, like ants and cockroaches, move where the food is. You can often see them intruding near food or food crumbs.

One of the most dangerous signs of insect bites in your house is termites. Termites feed on the foundation of your home. As a result, you might notice buckling or warping in parts of the house that are near termite nests.

Pets May Behave Erratically

You may be clueless about pests in your home, but your pets will always know. They notice pest activities and are generally alarmed. For example, cats become alert when they see rodents in the house because they have a predatory attitude towards rodents.

On the other hand, some parasitic pests might bother your pets. For instance, if you notice that your cats and dogs are constantly scratching and biting, they may be carrying ticks or fleas into your house. Other symptoms of parasitic pest infestations include fatigue and prolonged illnesses.

So, do not disregard signs that your pets give. Instead, look for changes in their behaviour and health as pests can affect both.

Spotting Pests Multiple Times a Day

Finally, the most definitive sign of a pest infestation is the physical sighting of pests. Suppose you see pests several times a day around the house; it must be really severe. Then, you should call pest control services immediately.

You might see mice running around your kitchen or living room or a trail of ants across counters and tabletops. These are all strong indications that the pest problem in your home requires immediate action.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a safe and clean home that is free of insects is critical. You must act quickly if you notice one or more of these telltale signs. Pest infestations can be very harmful to both your health and your property. Moreover, pests can hamper your children and pets.

How you choose to tackle a pest problem will depend on what type of pest has taken over your home. Consider hiring a pest control service as professionals will be able to combat pests most efficiently.

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