Should You Handle A Termite Infestation on Your Own or Hire a Professional?

Are you seeing a lot of signs that indicate you have termites in your house? If you suspect a termite infestation, chances are that the pests are already causing significant damage to your property, health, and the overall aesthetics of your house. No wonder you feel compelled to eradicate as many termites as possible with a potent insect spray.

As promising as that may sound, it is a bad idea to DIY when it comes to termite control. That’s because not only are termites discreet in their behaviour, they tend to multiply rapidly. Failure to eliminate termites entirely can lead to further damage to your belongings.

You can benefit from assigning a professional to handle a termite infestation for several reasons. Let’s have a look.

Why Should You Hire a Professional To Handle Termites

Professionals Have Experience and Ensure Effectiveness

There is no doubt that professional home termite exterminators have the right knowledge, skills, and experience required to tackle the termite problem in your house. They deal with termites on a regular basis and are well acquainted with how the insects behave. They can also identify the termite species and accordingly suggest treatment to eradicate them. The most common species in Singapore are drywood termites and subterranean termites.

Termites are very smart. By engaging experts, you will save money. Professionals know that termites breed away from their feeding area. They are also aware of how fast the colonies multiply and how best to eradicate the entire colony.

Not only will the experts expel termites from your home, but they will also offer termite barrier treatments. Barrier aids will help prevent termite infestations in the future.

DIY approaches often entail using ineffective, over-the-counter sprays. You can spray these and assume you have won against the termites, but the reality is different. DIY termite treatments are often ineffective.

Termite Control Experts Have the Right Equipment and Resources

Professional companies also have the right tools and resources for termite treatment. For example, they can spray treatment solutions into tight, narrow spaces you cannot reach with simple home equipment.

Not just that, experts can also make use of thermal technology to lure hard-to-find termites out of their hiding spots. This way, they can investigate and assess the termite infestation in your home without creating too many holes in the walls and ceilings. In addition, because they can combat most of the termites in one go, they need only make a minimal number of visits. Such non-invasive termite control is not possible with self-help approaches.

DIY termite control measures such as traps, baits, and sprays may be able to kill some termites, but eradicating them completely requires more than that. In addition to being a waste of time, your actions can worsen the termite problem and trigger costlier damages in the long run.
Without the right equipment, your efforts will be ineffective. On the other hand, the commercial-grade products used by termite control experts will offer long-term results.

No Risk of Mishandling Chemicals or Equipment

Even though most off-the-shelf termite treatments are useless against the wrath of termites, some of them may have potential. However, you need to use them in the correct way to emerge victorious against pests.

Due to a lack of experience, it is highly unlikely that you have the knowledge required to use termite control treatments and equipment correctly. Professional pest control companies have all the necessary training in this field.

By appointing experts for the job, you can avoid risking a failed attempt. Plus, they have all the gear needed to prevent the dangers associated with exposure to harmful chemicals. So, it may be good for both you and your house if you just leave matters to the experts and avoid the hassle altogether.

Choose a licensed company that is covered by insurance. This will ensure your safety and also protect you against damage to property that might happen during the termite control process.

Experts Can Guarantee Long-lasting Termite Control

Professionals will use termite control measures that will ensure long-lasting results. Not only are they able to identify termites, but they will also monitor the situation well and choose a control method that will fully eradicate termites from your house.

The treatments they use are more potent than the DIY termite control you would use. For high effectiveness, select experts who use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

By choosing to employ termite exterminators, you can rest assured that all traces of termites will be removed. On top of that, they will also guide you on what preventative measures you need to take to keep termites from coming back.

Termite Control Experts Use Environmentally-safe Processes

Termite control generally includes the use of chemical substances, many of which can be harmful to infants or small children. Unfortunately, when you attempt DIY termite control methods, it is easy to forget this. As a result, you might use chemicals that can be detrimental to your family members.

When you choose a reliable pest control company that uses green pest control methods, this will not be a concern. Professionals will select processes and chemicals that are safe not only for humans but also for the environment. They know what products will work better than over-the-counter pest sprays but will never put you at risk.

Choosing Professionals is Cost-effective

Even though appointing professional termite control may seem like an expensive endeavour, it is much cheaper than the costs associated with DIY pest control. Many DIY approaches are ineffective and require multiple attempts.

Termite control experts will get rid of the pests promptly and allow you to return to your routine soon afterwards. What’s more, the quick relief from termites will limit financial loss by protecting your home, furniture, and foundation from further damage.

Look for exterminators who offer a variety of packages and select one based on your budget. Be sure to consider a few options before making a final decision.


If you are troubled by termite problems, you should take action immediately. The options include getting rid of termites yourself or hiring professional exterminators to do it for you. You can be confident that the latter is usually the better option.

Termites are dangerous pests to deal with. They form colonies silently and eat your home from within. Before you know it, they will cause damages worth millions of dollars. As such, trying DIY approaches might be risky.

Professionals have the expertise, equipment, and experience required to tackle all kinds of termite infestations. They can control any termite problem without causing harm to your property or the environment. They will also choose chemicals that are safe for your health. Most importantly, hiring experts will provide you peace of mind.

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