How Often Should You Schedule Pest Control?

To answer how often you should schedule pest control, we should start by asking how frequently you encounter pests? If the sighting is too often and has become an everyday battle to tackle, you definitely need expert help getting rid of these pests. However, that doesn’t mean that the fewer the issues, the less you should be worried. It just means that the workload and measures taken should be less concerning. With that said, you should know that if your house or workplace is buzzing with rodents, termites, ants, or even cockroaches, there is a hidden message here. It implies that you need to clean your house and the infested area more thoroughly and frequently.

Also, it is not suitable for your health, so keep your long-term wellbeing in mind. Regular pest control should be part of your lifestyle and daily chores.

What is Pest Control?

It is the chronic management of a particular animal species, defined as a pest, that regularly disrupts the typical operation of human beings. The human response depends on the damage done. Once this takes place, strategic measures are taken to eradicate the pests. Each pest is different and hence requires specific treatment.

For example, the best way to stop rodents is by preventing them from entering your household—individuals and households who have handled rodents can agree to this. Because once they do, it is game over. You will suffer an invasion that you have never seen. On the other hand, you need to maintain a hygienic routine when dealing with cockroaches. That means emptying the trash daily and ensuring you don’t leave it uncovered or lying around anyhow before you sleep. That’s all.

Apart from rodents and cockroaches, there is a wide range of pests. They include termites, stinging insects like bees and wasps, spiders, lizards, bedbugs, rats, mosquitoes, flies, fleas, and ants. Ensuring that they stay away from your premises is the best gift you would give to yourself and your family. First, you will be preventing the spread of dreadful diseases and illnesses. Insects and pests carry with them contaminants from wherever they come from. It means that whoever comes in contact with these trouble creators endangers their health. If you are a hospitality business, you might put your profits at risk as well as your visitors and workers, if you have a pest infestation.

Furthermore, ignorance of a pest problem can cause collateral damage to your house or office. Certain pests like rodents can eat away sofas and cause damage to ceiling boards. Such extensive damages can prove costly, especially when moving out of rented premises or selling your house. It’s better to look out for the early signs and take action immediately.

How Do We Decide on The Frequency Of Pest Control?

There is no outright formula on how many times you should implement pest inspections and other related measures. You could call it a subjective matter for the same or do it on your own. All you need is to know the factors that will affect this leading domino in pest control. So let’s have a look at them.

History of Infestation

In our lives, the past doesn’t equal the future. But when it comes to a piece of history, the past of pest attacks equals the future of pest infestation. It means that the frequency of pest control will increase in a place with recurring pest activity.

The Environment

Property owners should regularly inspect their businesses and homes’ location and surroundings. Areas with damp and moist conditions, open and deep holes, and abandoned properties are susceptible to pest invasions. Also, the weather and surrounding activities can affect the frequency of pest control. For example, construction activity on abandoned places or extreme weather conditions forces pests to adapt to their surroundings and stay indoors. Your game ought to be really good to keep the pests away in such instances.


Some businesses have a cleaning routine in place regardless of whether there is a pest crisis or not. This means that their cleaning and hygiene policies should be maintained to retain good workflow, productivity, and overall sales because customers will be flowing in all the time. In addition, such never-ending maintenance keeps the pests at bay all year. But despite regular cleaning, some pests manage to enter the premises. So it’s best to get pest control done once a year to eliminate all the possibilities of pest infestation. Keeping the current Covid-19 pandemic in mind, you should also engage professionals to regularly disinfect your premises.

Ecological factors

We can see pests as enemies, but that’s not always the case. While they can be harmful to us, totally eradicating them from the environment is not the solution. Every species is essential to maintain the ecological balance.

So when we are deciding on getting the pest control, the severity of the situation should be analysed in conjunction with other factors, and the most suitable method should be chosen. We should go for physical measures before taking any form of chemical measure. This would affect the frequency of pest control as it depends on the chemical compounds. Whatever the method, we should put nature first and gauge whether it will be affected and how much.


With all things said, you must take pest control seriously. If you are a business, it will help you establish an excellent reputation and retain your customers in the long term. Such cleanliness can also serve as leadership doorways. Pests are something that can be prevented and controlled. All it needs is a little bit of time and effort to avoid the eruption of consequences.

Consider all the factors before booking your next pest control appointment. The best thing to do is to consult your local expert. Call a reputable professional today if you suspect your house or business has a pest infestation.

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