Is Green Pest Control Effective?

With so much talk about green pest control, you must be wondering about its effectiveness. When compared to traditional synthetic pest control methods, green pest control entails a more controlled approach to tackling pest issues around your home. But how effective is it? Come, let’s find out!

In this article, you can find out whether all the claims about green pest control are true. Read about all the advantages of this rather synthetic pest control technique. Explore with us why it is better to embrace green pest control than impulsively spraying some bug spray on pests.

What is Green Pest Control?

Before you can investigate the effectiveness of green pest control, you must know what it is. Green pest control refers to a more eco-conscious approach to pest control when compared with traditional pest control. That’s because it promotes preventive measures and discourages the use of harsh chemicals.

Green pest control is beneficial for businesses and homes with young ones, pets, the elderly, and those with allergies or compromised immune systems. Indeed, it sounds great in theory. However, you must still be wondering whether green pest control is really effective.

Does Green Pest Control Really Work?

Green pest control is a practice where pests are tackled without using any harsh chemicals. Surprisingly, this pest control method is highly effective even without potent pesticides.

Green pest control utilises earth-based or botanical pesticides. Strong natural ingredients are used instead of harmful chemicals. These naturally-occurring pesticides, along with the targeted application of the products, make green pest control very effective. Preventive measures are prioritised in green pest control, but the purposeful application of green pest control products can help tackle the specific pest issues at hand.

One component of green pest control that enhances its effectiveness is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In addition to focusing on getting rid of pest populations, IPM considers it essential to identify and eliminate the environmental factors that enable pests to multiply and thrive.

IPM also deems prevention of re-entry as an important part of any pest control program. Therefore, IPM can significantly decrease the amount of pesticides used in pest control treatments significantly without hampering the effectiveness of pest control.

How Does Green Pest Control Work?

Eliminate Environmental Factors that Support the Pest

Now that you know green pest control is effective let’s look at what a green pest control program includes. Most often, the first step of green pest control is to deprive pests of the environment they require to survive and procreate. You do not need any pesticides for this. All you have to do is maintain a clean home. Keep the kitchen clean and organised, seal entry points, eliminate sources of moisture, and vacuum frequently. A very effective preventive measure is to install screens as barriers to entry.

Identify the Pest and Extent of the Problem

In case all preventive approaches fail, and you suspect there are some pest activities going on, you must first identify the pest problem and assess its extent. Next, you can choose from several methods to eliminate pests.

Introduce a Natural Predator

A common green pest control approach is introducing a natural enemy and allowing it to eliminate or reduce the pest population. For instance, keeping cats in the house can help take care of any rodent infestations.

Use Mechanical Control Methods

Alternatively, you could employ mechanical control methods like traps. For example, green pest control programs often rely on glue boards and glue traps to learn which entry points the pests use to enter your home. However, these traps can help solve the overall pest problems as well.

Modern traps are versatile and easy to use. You can select settings and even choose to use the trap without glue boards if you want to catch the pests alive.

Baits are also a popular choice in green pest control programs. Baits are great because they do not move much. So you can easily hide this pest control weapon away from building occupants like kids and pets. Anyways, most baits have a very low toxicity level.

Use Safe Chemicals

Green pest control programs generally involve refraining from using pesticides for as long as possible. Instead, pesticides are used as a last resort and applied carefully, keeping safety in mind. Even when pesticides are used, green pest control encourages using pesticides with safe active ingredients derived from the earth’s natural elements, plants, and flowers. No harsh chemicals are used.

For example, a green pest exterminator can use an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) to target mosquitoes, fleas, or cockroaches. IGRs disrupt how these pests grow and procreate but do not affect other organisms. This insecticide is also effective against bed bugs and termites.

You may also use boric acid for pest control. Many DIYers like to use boric acid as a part of their green pest control as it has low toxicity and is considered safe for use around building occupants.

Contact a Green Pest Exterminator

Many pest control DIYers fail to follow these simple ways of green pest control. However, if you, too, are unable to make the most out of this approach, you can contact a licensed pest control company to start investing in a reliable green pest control program.

A good company will have highly-trained technicians who will be skilled in integrated pest management. In addition, they will offer you a customised plan and even a service guarantee. Finally, their protection plan should not only be safe for you and your family but also be environmentally friendly.


If you are bothered by pests, then you must have tried all sorts of pest control techniques already. However, no matter how much you want to combat these unwelcome visitors by spraying chemical-based pesticides, green pest control may actually be a better solution.

Green pest control is an eco-conscious method where preventive approaches are prioritised. However, where prevention is just not enough, you need to resort to the purposeful application of naturally occurring pesticides.

Despite the lack of harsh chemicals, this approach has proven to be very effective. It offers numerous advantages too. Green pest control is recommended for everyone, especially for households with children, the elderly, pets, or individuals with allergies and other health complications.

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