5 Simple Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your House

When it’s hot outside, and mosquitoes are starting to appear inside your house, and when you’re sick and tired of having to swat and wave them away with your hand all day long, you start looking for other ways to get rid of this problem. Not only are mosquitoes annoying, but some of them tend to carry a wide variety of serious diseases as well. However, as you may already know, controlling mosquitoes indoors can be a bit tricky as they hide in corners we can’t reach. So, check out our handy tips to help you manage mosquitoes indoors and protect yourself and your loved ones from diseases caused by them!

5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Out

As you can see, preventing mosquitoes from entering your house is a crucial thing to do. Follow the below-mentioned tips to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside your home.


Keep your house and the surrounding premises clean at all times. Pests are more likely to be found in places where there is dirt and filth. This is because mosquitoes develop from larvae which are usually laid on open stagnant water sources. That being said, in order to avoid a suitable environment for their reproduction, you should keep your water tanks and bathroom buckets empty when you’re not using them. Another thing that you should remember is that you should never leave dishes covered in soapy water for an extended period in your kitchen sink.


Your water tanks should be properly sealed at all times. Make sure to check the lids, covers, and inlet pipes for any gaps. You should also try and fit removable screen mesh to the outlet end of the overflow pipes, as well as to every one of your inlets. And, last but not least, make sure that all of your water collection containers have either secure screens or lids on them.


The first step to ensure that the mosquitoes don’t enter your premises is to make your house mosquito-proof. Put a mesh screen on your windows and, if possible, a mesh door in front of your main door. This would not only help keep mosquitoes away but also other pests like flies and lizards.

Setting mosquito traps around your house is one of the best ways to control your mosquito population. There’s a wide variety of mosquito traps out there. For these traps to work as planned, you should always place them in dark areas of your house. You might even have to move your traps around until you find the optimal placement for catching mosquitoes. It’s also important to note that this is not a one-size-fits-all remedy, as different species of mosquitoes react differently to traps.

When it comes to bug zappers, you can always use them to electrocute mosquitoes. Although this method might be able to help you get rid of some of these insects, it’s still pretty inefficient and comes with a risk – you might wind up getting rid of harmless and beneficial bugs. With this in mind, using bug zappers might not be your best option. Using natural mosquito repellents is pretty much always a better option.


There are a whole lot of insect sprays and repellents out there that can be used both indoors and outdoors to get rid of mosquitoes, as well as just about any other insect that you could possibly think of. Keep in mind that it’s vital to follow the instructions on the bottle while using these products.

You can use knockdown fly sprays against mosquitoes that you can easily see in your house. Another thing that you can do is use plug-in mosquito vaporisers in your home. But don’t forget to turn them off as soon as the area is no longer in use. You should also consider using some sort of insect repellent simultaneously.

When it comes to keeping mosquitoes away from your house, it doesn’t necessarily have to be only practical because you can make it pretty as well. For example, you can always plant natural deterrents in your garden. This would help keep mosquitoes away from your house and make your garden look more attractive. So, if you want to keep mosquitoes away from your home while making your premises look more visually pleasing at the same time, you should consider growing plants like Lavender, Lemongrass, Catnip, Citronella, Peppermint, Basil, Garlic, Rosemary, and Sage in your garden or indoors. In addition, cedar oil is another good mosquito repellent ingredient since cedar mulch does a great job of soaking up excess moisture, thus keeping it in the soil and keeping mosquitoes away from your house.


Getting rid of mosquitoes is one of those things that people really don’t want to deal with since it can be pretty annoying sometimes. Although you may find some measure of success with some of the methods mentioned above, contacting a professional pest control company is always the best option when it comes to dealing with tons of mosquitoes at the same time. Professional pest control companies are equipped with all the right tools that allow them to get rid of mosquitoes at different stages of their life cycle and are more knowledgeable about safety practices than us.

Another great thing about these companies is that they can help you get rid of just about any kind of pest. They could also protect you from special nuisances like termites and bed bugs. Although this is not the cheapest option on the list, there’s absolutely no doubt that it’s the most efficient one. So, if you’re dealing with a huge mosquito problem, hiring one of these companies is undoubtedly your best option.


Seeing just how annoying mosquitoes can be, it’s no wonder why people are ready to take so many measures against this one tiny insect. Of course, we can still rely on the methods mentioned earlier to repel mosquitoes, but it’s pretty safe to say that these annoying creatures will always be coming back for more. This is why contacting a professional pest control company in Singapore is always the best choice when it comes to keeping mosquitoes at bay.

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