What Damages Can Termite Infestations Cause?

Real estate owners dread termite infestations, and rightly so. One should never disregard termites, thinking they are harmless. Once they find a way into your home, the pests can cause extensive damage. Worst of all, most homeowners find out about termite infestation when it is too late.

Not only are these sneaky insects a nuisance, but they can also cause costly damage. On top of that, they can pose potential health risks too. Therefore, it is vital for you to understand the nature and extent of termite attacks in order to identify and control the damages.

In this article, we have outlined the major damages that termite infestations can cause. Continue reading to learn why preventing a termite infestation is critical.

Major Damages Termite Infestations Can Cause

Damage to the Walls

Termites love to hide behind your walls. It’s little wonder, as walls are most susceptible to termite damage. They will build tunnels inside the wooden structure behind your walls. They might also eat the wallpaper or the paper coating on the drywalls. So if you notice subtle lines on your drywall or see tiny holes in the wall, you will be right to suspect a termite infestation.

Other signs of wall damage by termites include peeling or bubbling paint, frail baseboards, or jammed windows and doors.

Most importantly, look for piles of wood, damp areas, or loose wood panelling. Get the area checked by a professional pest control company as soon as possible to limit further damage by termites.

Damage to the Foundation

As if walls were not enough, termites will also damage the foundation of your building. They will feed on the wood used to construct the building structure and literally eat your home from within. Over time, the wooden structures will weaken and become fragile. In addition, structures such as pillars, beams, and even ceilings are also vulnerable to termite damage. Ultimately, if uncontrolled, termite infestations can lead the entire structure to collapse.

Furthermore, termites can destroy the ceiling. They can also feed on the laminate floorings in your house. Overall, they are bad news for every corner of your home.

Carpet Infestation

By now, you know that termites love wood and other cellulose-based materials. But did you know your carpets are not safe either? Yes! Termites live close to wooden structures, making carpets a good hiding spot.

The unwelcome guests usually reproduce in summer and then form new colonies in late spring. These colonies will multiply, meaning they will soon run out of places to hide. This is when they will make a cosy home for themselves under your carpet. If you look carefully, you might find termites sticking to the rug’s corners.

Even though they do not cause any significant damage to a carpet, they can infest it and even leave some marks. Beware, termites also enjoy hiding in other common household items, such as books and photo frames.

Aesthetic Damage

In addition to substantial damages such as those to walls, ceilings, and foundations, termite infestations can also cause aesthetic damage all over a property.

Termites will leave holes and cavities all over the house. They will also leave unsightly mud tubes as a souvenir for you while they go into hiding.
Moreover, termite damage can lead to uneven surfaces, chipping paint, etc. Termites can cause discolouration and other serious damage to the flooring. The insects can also destroy wallpaper to such an extent that you might need to replace it. So, if you are sharing your house with termites, bid goodbye to the idea of maintaining a prim-and-proper home.

Health Complications

Thankfully, termites do not carry any serious diseases that are transmissible to human beings. However, even though they don’t pose a significant threat in medical terms, having termites in your home can trigger some health complications. This is because they like to reside in a humid and moist environment, which usually gives rise to fungi and mould. Fungi and moulds release spores that may have an impact on individuals with asthma or allergies.

What’s more, termites can bite and sting. Though the wounds may be painful, this will not cause any disease to be transmitted directly. However, note that termite bites can be concerning for those allergic or sensitive to termite saliva.

Some people may even be allergic to termite droppings. Allergic reactions and asthma attacks may be triggered when a colony of termites is on the move. This churns up wood particles and dust and can cause you discomfort. Hence, it becomes even more essential to prevent a termite infestation if you or someone in your house suffers from asthma.

Risk of Fire

To add to the list, termites can also disturb the electrical components in your house. This includes wire trunkings and circuit boxes, which you would rarely access and so may not be aware of any damage caused. However, damage to the electrical elements can cause short circuits and even result in fire. You will be surprised to learn that termites can be the reason for a major house fire.

Financial Loss

Finally, all the aesthetic, structural, and health damages caused by termites will lead to substantial financial loss. You will incur the demurrage and also have to pay for repair costs and medical bills.

When termites severely damage property, a lot of money is required to replace and repair the components. More often than not, homeowners might have to replace or repair an item more than once because the termites will keep coming back.

Structural repairs often include repairing support beams and wall studs, changing the flooring, repainting, and treating water damage in the walls. The most expensive repair work is mending the foundation, which can add up to over $6,000.

On top of the home maintenance charges, property owners also have to bear the cost of pest control. Hiring a reliable pest control is a good prevention technique to prevent unwanted pests from entering your home again.


Termites can wreak havoc. Do not be indifferent to them, as the tiny invaders can damage your property, affect your health, and exhaust your bank account. From walls to floors to carpets, nothing in your home is safe from termites. They can ruin the foundation from within, chip the paint, and make your walls frail.

Termites can also trigger asthma or allergy. Most importantly, if you let a termite infestation get out of control, it will also lead to significant repair costs. The only way to avoid the wrath of termites is to be vigilant. Call a professional pest control company as soon as you notice signs of termite infestation. They will confirm the presence and extent of termite infestation and eliminate termites.

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