How The Weather in Singapore Can Affect Pest Activities


The beauty of summer in Singapore is really charming. However, summer also brings pests and insects along with it. Perhaps, Singapore’s summer is an ideal environment for the pests to thrive.

As the summer takes over, the environment becomes hot and humid, favourable conditions for pest growth. Even worse, as the temperature goes extreme, it encourages insects and pests to seek shelter in your home.

During this time, cleanliness should be your topmost priority to prevent the invasion of pests like spiders, mosquitoes, ants, and rodents. Further, shut down the potential entry points from which the pests and insects might enter your house.

Wet/Humid Weather

The unseasonal downpour forms a humid environment which acts as a catalyst in pest growth. Perhaps, you must have noticed that several pests and insects tend to sneak around your home during the rainy season. However, the rainwater usually destroys the hideouts of these pests, including snakes. That’s why they seek safe shelter around their neighbourhood and probably in someone’s house.

Dry Weather

On the other hand, the dry season brings a lot of uneasiness for us and insects too. Like humans, pests need water to survive and produce. In extreme summer, water usually dries in nearby surroundings, which provokes these pests and insects to enter your home in search of water.

For instance, you must have seen Ant’s castle, but have you wondered why these castles are only built near water and food resources? Well, it’s because ants tend to build castles near resources to have easy access to food and water daily. Further, if you see an intensified ant’s movement inside your house, then there will probably be a sandcastle nearby.

Moreover, the pests’ migration is not healthy for the residents of Singapore. Therefore, there is a high risk of pest infestation and diseases. During the night, pests can get unbounded access to the houses and even in the kitchen. Thus, there will be a high chance of food contamination resulting in severe diseases. Even worse, some termites can ruin the foundation of your home.

When Will You Most Likely Need Pest Control in Singapore?

Is Pest Control Seasonal in Singapore?

Favourable conditions for pests can exist in both summer and winter. However, you should take immediate action as soon as you discover that pests have inhabited your house. There are numerous signs that these creatures give us when they use your home as a host.

  • Mosquitos’ gatherings in the backyard
  • The appearance of rodents in the pantry
  • Nests of wasps under the leaves.

Therefore, pest control in Singapore is not seasonal. But, of course, you can’t wait a whole season to remove the pests from your home.

Some countries have seasonal pest control because several pests are more active in a specific season at certain places.

Impact of Weather on Different Pests

Singapore is one and a half degrees north of the equator. However, its climate is classified as that of tropical rainforest. That’s why Singapore doesn’t have diverse seasons other than dry and wet seasons. Unlike, pests have all-round innings that never end. You’ll find a particular category active in the dry season and another in the wet season. So, you can’t get entirely rid of pests unless you maintain cleanliness in and around your house.

Singapore’s warm climate is the most suitable environment for the pests to breed and multiply more quickly.

Though, there are some tips that you can practice to keep the pests away from your property:

  • Pests invade different properties in search of food and water to breed. So, you can cut off these supplies by simply taking some precautions. Make sure to not litter any piece of food on the floor and don’t let water store in any unwanted place.
  • Regular pest control measures will be the best method to keep the pests away from your property permanently.
  • Search for cracks and holes in your house and eliminate them. It will halt any potential entry points for the pests to enter your home.

The table shows the findings of a study in a calendar year that reveals which type of pest control is needed in Singapore for different seasons.

Pest ControlSeason
Dry SeasonWet Season
Ant RemovalMedium RequirementMedium Requirement
Fly ControlMedium RequirementMedium Requirement
Mosquito ControlMedium RequirementHigh Requirement
Rodent ControlHigh RequirementHigh Requirement

Getting Help for Pest Control in Singapore

Never consider the season as a factor when opting for a pest control service in Singapore. You have to search, identify, and remove the pests quickly and efficiently to properly control your home and business.

Whether it’s rats, fleas, cockroaches, ticks, flies or any other pest, you should hire a professional pest control service in Singapore. Don’t mistake controlling things on your own. A professional service can tackle critical situations that are probably out of your hands.

While hiring a pest control service, make sure that they have the relevant industry experience and good customer feedback. Further, you can ask them specifically about your problem with pests.

Pest Control: Your Best Defense Against a Pest Infestation

Aardwolf Pestkare pest control services carry out the process in these simple steps.

  • Identifying the problem: They will listen to your concerns, covering the past issues on the same grounds. You should tell the finest detail of the problem because if not, it is possible that you have to face the issue again in future.
  • Formulate a plan: Then, the company will choose a suitable plan to eliminate your problem. You don’t have to do much in this stage, as this is the implication of the program.
  • Precautions: After successfully removing pests, the team will be guided to further precautionary steps to avoid the problem in the future. Listen and note down the measures carefully and start practising them.

Pest control is not a short-term plan. Instead, it’s a long-term strategy to keep pests away from your property. In Singapore, Aardwolf Pestkare can help you formulate a long-term pest removal plan.

Any problems with pests? Contact us today and we will be there as soon as we can!

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