What Attracts Mosquitoes to You?

Are you always a hot pick for mosquitoes? Swarms of mosquitoes always choose a few favourites – even in crowds. If you are one of the chosen few, you must be wondering what attracts mosquitoes to you. Well, every species of mosquito has different preferences, but there are a few things, in general, that attract mosquitoes.

To understand why mosquitoes bite some people more than others, you must first understand how mosquitoes find us. In this article, you can read about all the factors that attract mosquitoes. After that, you will also be able to save yourself and your family from itchy mosquito bites and diseases spread by these insects.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite You?

First things first – let’s learn what makes you a tasty snack for mosquitoes. Female mosquitoes need blood to nourish and develop their eggs. Mosquitoes indeed like to munch on some people more than others, and there are some scientific explanations behind that. Here are some of the factors that can attract mosquitoes to a particular person:

Mosquitoes Like Dark Colours

Ever noticed how mosquitoes swarm all over you when you wear black? This is because mosquitoes are more attracted to bold and dark colours. So, they will be more drawn toward someone wearing blue, navy, red, or black. They are also easily lured by floral prints.

Try to wear neutral and light colours to save yourself from mosquito bites. Moreover, you can avoid getting bitten by covering up as much skin as possible. Wear long sleeves and full pants. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can and will bite through fitted clothes, so it is recommended that you wear loose-fitted clothing.

Mosquitoes are Drawn by Certain Smell

Mosquitoes can use their sense of smell to find you. The bacteria on your skin metabolise the components released by your skin into odorous byproducts. These byproducts are mosquito attractants. Because each person has a different mix of bacteria on their skin, body odour varies from one person to another. This explains why mosquitoes find one person more attractive than another.

Mosquitoes have a soft spot for sweet smells. Mosquitoes will be drawn toward you if you use floral-scented perfumes, soaps, deodorants, or lotions. You can attract them even if you do not use a strong-scented product.

For not only are these insects attracted to sweet scents, but they also enjoy gross odours. This means mosquitoes can find you if you have smelly socks or feet. In addition, your skin odour can also act as a chemical signal for the flying pest.

Your Diet Can Lure Mosquitoes

Your diet is something that can heavily impact how you smell. So, what you eat or drink can lure mosquitoes. For example, if you eat Limburger cheese or banana or drink beer, you might seem more attractive to the flying insects.

What you eat will impact what compounds your skin will release. As mentioned earlier, these compounds are metabolised into odorous molecules by bacteria. Eating habits also affect the body’s metabolic rate. It can increase your temperature and even stimulate sweating – which mosquitoes love.

Mosquitoes Love Sweat

Let’s elaborate on mosquitoes and their love for sweat. You already know mosquitoes are drawn to strong odours. So even though sweat associated with exercise and increased body temperature is odourless to humans, mosquitoes can smell it. But it’s more than the smell of sweat that attracts these insects.

Mosquitoes like sweat because it contains ammonia and lactic acid. Whether you have just completed your daily exercise or just sweat excessively naturally, the more you sweat, the more attractive you will be to mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes Choose Based on Body Size and Temperature

Both your size and body temperature impact whether mosquitoes will bite you. When a person is larger, more carbon dioxide will be released when they exhale. This can make them more noticeable. Your body temperature can also have a similar impact.

Mosquitoes usually land on individuals with a higher body temperature. This is because higher body temperature also leads to the release of more carbon dioxide. How much you move can play a role too. In addition to making you stand out, movement increases your body temperature and releases carbon dioxide.

Pregnancy Lures Mosquitoes

From mood swings to fatigue to loss of appetite – pregnant women are troubled by a lot of problems. To add to the list, they are also more prone to mosquito bites! Pregnant women produce certain chemicals that attract mosquitoes. Furthermore, pregnant women release more carbon dioxide and have a higher body temperature – both of these factors are mosquito attractants.

Your Blood Type May Attract Mosquitoes

As mosquitoes feast on blood, it makes sense that your blood type can play a role in whether you will get bitten or not. Generally, these tiny vampires prefer Type O blood more than other blood groups. So even though your blood group plays a very small role in making you noticeable to mosquitoes, it is a factor. Unfortunately, you can do nothing to avoid this, as the blood group depends on genetics, and you cannot change it.

You Can Get Bitten Because of Where You Are

Finally, you will get bitten if you go to places that are more mosquito-prone. No matter your size, blood group, or odour, you cannot avoid mosquito bites if you hang out in areas with lots of mosquitoes.

To avoid such places, you must understand what kinds of places are commonly populated with these pests. Well, mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water. They like to take shelter in shady locations with low airflow. So, it may be wise to avoid big water bodies like lakes. Also, try to avoid places with tall grasses and bushes.

But if it’s a place you cannot avoid, like your house or office, ensure you get pest control regularly to keep the mosquitoes out of your premises.


If you are bothered by mosquitoes all the time and are in constant search of a mosquito repellent that works well, it may help to learn what attracts mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are primarily attracted to three things: body heat, carbon dioxide, and skin odours.

You can become less noticeable to mosquitoes by taking a few measures, like wearing neutral colours and applying subtle fragrances. However, a few things that lure mosquitoes are not within your control. For instance, mosquitoes bite people with a higher body temperature, like pregnant women or those who are larger in size. Something that is in your control is where you go. So try to avoid places that are more likely to have mosquitoes. Also, if you have a mosquito infestation on your premises, you should take the required steps to get rid of the mosquitoes at once.

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