How to Prepare Your Premises for Pest Control Treatment

Troubled by stubborn pest infestations? Then, calling pest control experts for help may be your last resort. Unfortunately, waiting for a pest control treatment can raise an added layer of stress. A pest control service will require you to do some homework before their pest-control technicians arrive. So, what must you do to prepare your home for […]

Proven Ways to Control Cockroach Infestation in Your Kitchen

Do you ever come back to your kitchen at night to find an army of cockroaches crawling all over the floors, walls, and countertops? As disgusting as that sight is, it is also rather alarming. You need to take the required steps to control cockroach infestation from happening. Spotting cockroaches here and there indicates you may have […]

The Dangers of Having Pests in Your Singapore Homes

From roaches to rats, lots of unwanted intruders can lurk in the cracks and crevices of your Singapore home. Spotting a random pest in your space can make you uncomfortable and even scare you. While most people agree that pests do cause a general nuisance, they do not acknowledge the other dangers of sharing a […]

Why Do You See More Ants During Warmer Months

Ever wondered why ants are usually more active during warmer months? Ants thrive in warm temperatures and typically do more work during the summer months. It is difficult to tell in Singapore, but ant activities are generally absent during cooler months. No wonder ants enjoy the year-long summer weather in Singapore. So, what is it about summers […]

Ant Management in Commercial Settings

No matter how hard-working ants are, no one wants them as co-workers in the office! Ants may look tiny and harmless, but these common pests can wreak havoc in your space. In addition to the general nuisance caused by trails of ants crawling all over your belongings, ants are also responsible for painful bites and food contamination. […]

The Importance of Integrated Pest Management for Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Integrated pest management (IPM) has become a popular choice of pest control in recent years. More and more companies are embracing eco-friendly and sustainable practices to reduce pests. If you have heard a lot about IPM but do not know what it is, it is time for you to start learning. Not only is IPM a […]

Bed Bugs Bugging You? Get Answers to Your Most Common Questions!


Bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases; hence they are not a health hazard. However, an out-of-control infestation of this annoying parasitic insect can drive you mad. Once an infestation starts, getting rid of bed bugs is rather tricky. As such, learning as much as you can about bed bugs can help you combat […]

Tips to Ensure You Don’t Bring Hitchhiking Pests Back From Your Travel

Did you know you can bring home a slew of local pests from your travel? Are you constantly worried you might get home bed bugs, cockroaches, and ants from your holiday? Well, you are not alone. Hitchhiking pests are a real problem, but it’s not something you have to worry about if you take the right steps to keep […]

How to Identify, Treat and Prevent Bed Bug Bites

Are you waking up to find red itchy welts on your skin? Worried they could be bed bug bites? Well, bite marks are a telltale sign of a bed bug infestation. So, if you are worried that the crawling sensation at night and the marks on your skin in the morning are hinting towards a bed […]

5 Common Pests that Indoor Plants Attract

Indoor plants are a great way to add some greenery to your home. However, while a fiddle leaf fig tree here and some African violets there can pleasantly improve your interiors, they come with a drawback – pests! So having plants in the house also means having to do more maintenance – especially when it […]

Types of Mosquitoes Found in Singapore

Are you troubled by enduringly painful and itchy mosquito bites? Well, that’s a plague that afflicts nearly all Singaporeans. However, while mosquito bites can be troublesome, mosquitoes can do more harm than just inflict a bite on you. From malaria to dengue to chikungunya, mosquitoes are the culprit behind a slew of serious diseases. What’s more, more […]

Signs of a Mosquito Infestation

The summer vibe lasts all year in Singapore. While you can enjoy the warm sun and vitamin D whenever you want, the humid weather attracts a slew of insects – especially mosquitoes. No matter where you go, you will find some mosquitoes buzzing around you when you are outdoors. But if you have mosquitoes hovering around […]

Why is Cockroach Control So Difficult?

Why is it so difficult to kill cockroaches? It seems they can survive bug sprays, getting squashed by sandals, and a slew of baits. If you have tried everything you could think of but still cannot get rid of cockroaches in your home, join the club! Cockroaches are not only the most hated pests but are […]

5 Garden Pests to Look Out For in Singapore

Love spending time in your garden or backyard? Checking up on the vegetables, fruits, and flowers you planted is undoubtedly refreshing. Gardens are great for spending a lazy weekend with family. However, pests will not hesitate to intrude on your quality time in the garden. Your time in the yard can be interrupted by notorious […]

Common Places Where Mosquitoes Breed

Mosquitoes Breed

Mosquitoes are among the most troublesome pests. In addition to planting discomforting bite marks during their blood meals, they spread plenty of diseases. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can spread some serious diseases, such as dengue, malaria, and Zika fever! Unfortunately, the environmental conditions in Singapore – including your home – are ideal for a lot of pests like mosquitoes […]

Effective Mosquito Control Measures in Singapore

Preventing and controlling mosquito infestations is rather challenging. To make matters worse, the climate in Singapore is exceptionally comfortable for these annoying creatures. However, mosquito infestations can be brought under control with preventive approaches, proper public awareness, and collective efforts. The Singapore government is already practising a few control measures, and there are a few things […]

Is it possible for Your Workplace to have Bed Bugs?

Have you been feeling itchy at work? Did you notice some insects shaped like apple seeds around your desk? Despite your disbelief, there may just be bed bugs at your workplace! There is so much talk about getting bed bugs from hotel rooms, public transport, and second-hand furniture. However, no one talks about the possibility […]

Should You Handle A Termite Infestation on Your Own or Hire a Professional?

Are you seeing a lot of signs that indicate you have termites in your house? If you suspect a termite infestation, chances are that the pests are already causing significant damage to your property, health, and the overall aesthetics of your house. No wonder you feel compelled to eradicate as many termites as possible with a […]

How Do You Deal with a Bee Infestation?

Have bees taken over your house? If you are pestered by beehives in your walls, garden, or underground, it is imperative that you find a way to drive them out. On top of the aesthetic and financial damages bees can cause, they sting you – which is rather painful. Want to remove these little guests from your […]

What Damages Can Termite Infestations Cause?

Real estate owners dread termite infestations, and rightly so. One should never disregard termites, thinking they are harmless. Once they find a way into your home, the pests can cause extensive damage. Worst of all, most homeowners find out about termite infestation when it is too late. Not only are these sneaky insects a nuisance, but […]

What Are Booklice and How to Get Rid of Them?

Booklice are constantly in search of moist and warm conditions, so it’s no wonder they are so common in Singapore. Singapore’s humid environment is perfect for promoting its survival and growth. While that is excellent news for the insects, it should be alarming for you. Do you need help tackling the booklice population in your home? […]

Bed Bug Removal Made Easy with Our Handy Guide

Bed bugs have excellent parasitic skills. They will latch on to you, travel into your home, feed on you, and even live on your bed. So if you are troubled by the wrath of uncontrollable bed bugs, fear not. We have come to your rescue with a handy guide on bed bug removal and management. Of […]

Signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation in Your House

Do you often dismiss ants as harmless? It is true that most ants only enter your home in search of food, but some can cause serious damage to your property. One such ant species is the carpenter ant. They are big black ants that can cause damage to wooden items on your property. Carpenter ants […]